I have been building with WordPress just about every day for the past 4 years. I use it for clients sites, I use it for my personal sites and I use it for just about every one of my side projects. Simply put, I have yet to come across a site that I needed to find a more robust solution for. The number one and probably the most important reason behind my love for WordPress is my clients love it. From a backend standpoint, it’s really well laid out and super easy to use. I’ve taught countless people with ranging skill levels how to use it to manage their own websites.


My process is ultimately the same every time. I start with my base theme that meshes Zurb’s Foundation 6 and Underscores by Automattic. Its a fantastic starting point that really relies on my front-end skills to make your website come to life. Aside from an extremely basic Header, Content, Sidebar, Footer layout, there is no pre-existing code building the look and feel of your site. This ensures that any website I build for you is completely your own, and not merely adapted to your needs.


My specialty definitely lies in giving you the best and most user friendly website I possibly can. But that doesn’t exactly start at a code level. It comes from your design, your content, and your photography. While I may have a vision for these things, often times I’ll rely on the proven talents of my peers if I feel a professional designer, copywriter, or photographer is going to best suit your project. We all have our individual styles, and Ill find the best one to represent you and your website.