Ragona Architecture & Design

When I began working with Ragona Architecture & Design (RAD) and they showed me the other architecture firms in the area, I knew I would be hiring a talented designer to ensure the design would be the best it could be.

Travis Brown and I set out to build RAD a site that showcased their work front and center as soon as the user landed on the site. The work slowly pans to the left to ensure you get the full effect of the work before proceeding to the next slide. In addition to showcasing their work, they wanted to make sure that the firm could be found and contacted in the event that a developer should see their work and look for the architect on the project.

Travis designed the website and I got started architecting the platform they would ultimately use to categorize and display their work. RAD had worked on a number of projects from apartment complexes to malls and car dealerships. We wanted to make sure that every major category had been covered and that it was easy to jump between categories and projects as a you browsed their work.

We included a news section where content could be posted as they broke ground or completed a new project, were mentioned in the press, or for any other happenings they might want to announce.

Visit rad-arch.com

Looking to stand out amongst your competition?

Anyone visiting Ragona Architecture & Design’s site sees the quality and care they put into every project they touch. The site gave them the ability to quickly get their work out for all to see. If you are looking for a platform that will allow you to stand out amongst your competition and drive more traffic to your website, get in touch to see what I can do to make that happen.

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