WordPress and SEO in Rhode Island

I specialize in custom WordPress development to achieve specific business goals. Get in touch to see what I can do to improve your website’s rankings and online presence or check out how I helped this business.


A tried and true CMS is the base of all my efforts. WordPress makes it easy to add content and keep your new website up to date. Our custom implementation will ensure your site stays fast and secure.


SEO is all about setting you up so you customers can find you where they’re looking. We’ll get you ranking in your local market by optimizing your website and your business profiles.


When you share your site throughout your social network, you’ll do so knowing that it will look great everywhere. We’ll automate your social media to ensure all your followers are engaged.

Identify Opportunity And Execute.

I can look at your business from the outside in. Are you showing up for popular search terms in your niche? What are the most popular search terms in your niche? Is the user doing research or are they ready to buy? Are you showing up for location based searches? How about your competition? Are they showing up for all the terms you should be as well? There is always opportunity to get a leg up whether it’s having the fastest and most secure site, or aligning all of your business and social media profiles, or setting up and optimizing all of your business’s listings. I can identify all of your business’s opportunities and develop a plan to execute on that opportunity to give your business the best possible online presence. In the eyes of Google and your new customers.

What do my clients have to say?

In the first 60 days my business increased 3X from the previous months past and my website has generated a steady increase in sales since its launch date.

Shaun O’Neill – Viking Bail Bonds

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