All around WordPress Developer

I specialize in custom WordPress theme and plugin development with a focus on speed and performance, accessibility, technical SEO, and simplicity.


I start every theme I build off my own version of _s by Automattic. My version strips out things that I feel are unnecessary to my theme such as emoji styles, commenting, extra stylesheets, and includes additional functionality that make my theme more uniform to the way I like to work.


I build plugins when I need to build in more complex functionality as well as to better serve the WordPress community. I recently released the Advanced Maps Block. A Gutenberg block that allows users to add multiple markers and unlimited style options to their Google Map.

Technical SEO

Throughout my career I have focused on what Google is looking for to better serve whoever I might be building a website for. Content is king, but I make sure search engines know what the content is, who or what the website is about, and that the site is reliable and loads quickly every single time.

Leave me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!