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Viking Bail Bonds

Shawn from Viking Bail Bonds contacted me looking to increase the business he was receiving from Google. He explained how bail bonds was an incredibly competitive business and while he was doing ok, he knew there was additional opportunity out there.

While working with Shawn I came to realize his niche was his guarantee; that he would answer every call for help that came his way. His reviews spoke for themselves. All we had to do was ensure that Google knew who he was and that every potential customer that called left happy.

I set out to build Shawn and Viking Bail Bonds a website that would increase Google’s trust in him, make it incredibly easy for potential customers to get in touch with him, and give him a platform to start expanding into other surrounding counties.

I built Shawn a WordPress website that was secure and lightning fast setting him far beyond the competition in his area. Check out the mobile version of the website I built him on the right.

Visit vikingbailbonds.com


Where was the opportunity?

After analyzing Shawns business and his competition, I certainly agreed there was an opportunity. He a had a Google My Business listing that was bringing him a few calls here and there, but he was looking to move his listing up the list and ultimately get the phone ringing more frequently. I realized many of his competitors had slow and insecure websites. I suggested we build a site that would blow his competition away in those two areas. In addition to that, we could align all his social media accounts, take control of his Google MyBusiness listing, and encourage all his clients to leave reviews on his MyBusiness page after their experience with him. Here’s what Shawn had to say when we were done.

I utilized Mark Marzeotti’s services in hopes of bolstering my business at Viking Bail Bonds. Literally in the first 60 days my business increased 3X from the previous months past and my website has generated a steady increase in sales since its launch date. 

Shawn O’Neill – Owner of Viking Bail Bonds

The Results

Shawn’s business increased three fold when Google had better visibility into his business and the experiences his clients had with him. He immediately shot to the top of the business listings when you searched for a bail bond in his area. The majority of his clients found him through his Google MyBusiness listing while his website made its way to the top of the search results.

This is common in a lot of businesses. Some of the steps have been taken and some business is coming in, but theres a lot of potential business that is left on the table. I set Viking Bail Bond’s online presence up right and empowered Shawn to keep the business rolling in by encouraging all his happy customers to continue leaving reviews and feedback. I can do the same for your business too!

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